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Maintain Your Website

Once your website is launched, it doesn’t mean it's finished forever. The information on your website needs to be kept current. Whenever you create a website, it is also important to understand how the information on the site will be changed.

Would you like to update your site faster than you can request a change by sending email or making a phone call - no charge?

We create the overall look, the graphics, layout, and navigation. You can change the headings and paragraphs. A password-protected page allows you to edit the wording, just like any other document. We have examples to show you how easy it is to keep your own site up to date. This is called using a Content Management System and is particularly useful for sites with time sensitive information and large sites.

On the other hand, maybe you are already overwhelmed, and would like someone else to maintain your site

We can create an "update schedule", where were periodically remind you that its time to update your site again, and make the required changes for you. This can be occur weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It is appropriate for small sites, particularly those that don't change often.

For sites developed by DreamCatcher websites, the maintainance needs will help determine how your site is built. Contact DreamCatcher Websites to get your website to help you maintain your website.

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