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Create your Website

Website is Center of Internet PresenceYour website is the center of your presence on the internet - it connects your internet tools including email newsletters, blog, facebook, twitter, shopping cart, and more. It can start with one page or hundreds of pages. To get started, we discuss your business goals, who your customers are, and how you'd like your customers to use your website. The results of this conversation determines:

  • The information to be presented on your website - this include text as well as other information such as product catalogs, photo albums, newsletter archives, and MORE!
  • The plan to maintain the site
  • What will the site look like?  This includes colors & logos as well as  page layout, graphics, and a navigation system to click from page to page.
  • The content for each of the pages, keeping in mind the keywords that your visitors will use.
  • Your domain name URL (i.e. your www address)

Once this is decided, we reserve your domain name,  setup space on a web server, install the site on the server, build the site, and test it out. You're up and running.

Since your website is just one tool for your business, it should fit your brand. It will use your logo, and  look like your other marketing materials. If you don't have a logo or other marketing materials, we'll help you get started.

We don't need to start with everything at once. Your web presence can begin with an overview of your business and contact information, or a letter from you.  More can be added gradually. No need to wait for a “big bang” where everything is available

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